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  • Fri Sept 15 2017


    4:00 PM
    In Hamilton Enbridge is replacing 35 km of its 12' pipeline with 20' pipe, effectively tripling its capacity to carry tar sands bitumen. Crossing wetlands and 69 watercourses, it will clearcut/damage thousands of trees and over over 160 hectares (20 times the size of Gage Park). A 3rd is being rerouted across farmland to avoid the higher cost crossing golf courses. Increased capacity equals enough barrels whose burning emmissions equals 12 new coal-fired. It dis-respects Indigenous Rights and Treaties, Enbridge using the courts to override them. Haudenosaunee individuals that get in the way of this project are punished. With the world agreeing that we need to get off fossil fuels quickly, is SHOULD mean NO new/expanded pipelines. Join us (AND sign the petition) involve your faith group, union or organization, neighbours, friends.

    Location:   meet at Upper James and South end of Homestead Dr, Mount Hope,

    Region: Halton, Hamilton, Niagara  


    Contact Info:


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